Nothing Like a Great Belly Laugh

I had the best belly laugh today.  The kind of laugh that goes on and on.

The grey cumulonimbus grey clouds were growing on the horizon.  I knew there was a weather alert for later this evening.  The wind was blowing as the girls were moving around the track for Girls on the Run.

As I stopped running with one girl, a student of mine asked if I would run with her.  “Of course,” I said.

As we were running, she turned to me and said, “My dad says high knees, high knees.”  She lifted up her knees as she ran, I decided to mimic and join in the fun.

So we both started shouting, “High knees, high knees, high knees… (faster and faster we went)”  And then, we immediately looked at each other with wide eyes, it was as if we both just realized at the same time what we were actually saying because we were getting faster and faster (“heinie”).   As our wide eyes locked onto each other, we both just started to laugh. We laughed and laughed and laughed.  She turned to me again and said, “Maybe we should say knees high, knees high?”  Still smiling and laughing, all I could do was shake me head, yes.

The silliness and humor of nine-year olds – I definitely need that in my life.



2 thoughts on “Nothing Like a Great Belly Laugh

  1. Ha! There is that time when kids can appreciate a good joke. Sounds like she caught you in hers. Very funny! You’re doing so much good with those girls!

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