I Will Remember…


Cannot believe I made it and so happy I tried the challenge.

I will remember…

  • the learners coming in every school morning at eight o’clock and sharing with me the slice they were going to write.
  • the talk that filled the air as the learners shared their ideas with each other.
  • the music we played every morning to help create the mood for writing.
  • the eager faces of the learners as they shared their slice with me after they posted it on our classroom blog.
  • my colleague (who also took the challenge) and I drinking coffee, writing, and just watching the learners write.

As a SOL writer, I will remember…

  • creating my first blog.
  • my very first post.
  • my husband’s reactions and feedback on my slices.
  • the comments and how they propelled me forward each day.
  • there were days that it was really hard to write.
  • my favorite slice and sharing it with my brother.
  • how important it is to be writing alongside my students.

I look forward to our SOL celebration this Monday.  We are having breakfast together, sharing favorite slices from the month, and of course, handing out gel pens so the learners can continue to write in their special SOL notebooks.

Thank you for this opportunity TWT.



5 thoughts on “I Will Remember…

  1. I love hearing about your Monday celebration. What fun that will be and how proud your students will be. I’m glad you enjoyed the month, and wish you a happy spring and end of the school year. Enjoy those ‘girls on the run’, too!


  2. see you Tuesday … just thinking, slicing with students and online colleagues puts you in the best of two worlds — plus seeing joy in the writing process emerge in students. Teaching college composition and literature to first year and lower division students, I could always tell which ones had teachers who cultivated that joy.


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