A Sweet Email

Before I closed the classroom door today, I glanced at my phone and checked my email messages.   As I walked to the car with my red Osprey school bag over my right shoulder, I checked my home account…nothing important; I checked my school account…okay, need to call that parent when I get home; I checked my school Gmail account…yup, need to start thinking about my slice; then I check my personal Gmail account…a giggle and a smile appeared on my face and I pressed accept.


Love this man.  As I drove home, I started to think back 25 years.

And I remembered the day I saw him. His long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, his goatee surrounding his sweet smile, an Australian outback hat propped on his head, sunglasses covering his beautiful blue eyes, flannel shirt layered over the Jacksonville green t-shirt with only the front of both shirts tucked into his worn khaki shorts, and wool socks which were protected by his duck taped Nike boots.  He had a look that spoke of noncompliance, but his eyes showed he really did care about others.  And he did and still does.



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