It was a beautiful site to behold…two girls who really did not know each other, walking around the dirt track behind our school, and asking each other questions.

The workout for Girls on the Run was to try to “run” with everyone on the team.  As they moved around the track, they had to ask their partner or partners a question that was written on their index card.  All the questions were generated by the girls.  One open-answer question per card.  The theme today was “Making Friends.”

These two girls are not in the same class.  They do not play with each other during recess.  Both have long brownish hair and are similar in height.  One girl has an extra chromosome, the other does not.  One talked up a storm as they walked, the other listened intently, nodding her head even though it was hard to understand exactly what was being said.

At the end of Girls on the Run, the one girl who listened intently gave an “Energy Award” to her new friend.

Energy Awards are a way of saying, “Thank you and I appreciate what you did for me today.”

She thanked her new friend for walking and talking with her.  It was her new friend’s first Energy Award for the season.  You should have seen the smile on both of their faces.




7 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Yesterday the Manor HA manager’s daughter was running on the interior walkways with a friend. They are training together for a local run — and giggling a lot, having great fun. I’m going to send her mother Stefanie the GOTR and Rockies council links


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