I had mixed emotions on my drive home today…

Our principal does a Pep Talk every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (on the intercom).  It is the way we start our days.  We watch a video that connects to the Pep Talk and we spend time discussing and reflecting.  The messages have been around Habits of Mind and Growth Mindset.  We encourage humility, empathy and compassion with our students.

My class has their own weekly blog page where two bloggers are completely in charge of the focus for that week.  They decide what the theme will be and I would say that the Pep Talks impact their thoughts.  They leave words of wisdom for families and give family homework on what to discuss at home.  I would say that they are becoming more compassionate and empathetic with each other (it hasn’t been a smooth road for sure this year).

So why am I having mixed emotions on my drive home today?

Today was the first day back from Spring Break and the end of the year is on the horizon.  We get out of school the third week in May and I know this is a time when families begin to think about the next school year.

Unfortunately today, I overheard some girls talking about next year.

So, why I am surprised to hear certain families complaining about “those kids” in our class and how they want their child with different kids next year?

How did they miss the blog page and what their child has been sharing with them all year?

How have they missed the Pep Talks that are posted on the school’s website?

How have they missed the weekly newsletters about what the learners are learning?

How do I not feel like I failed?


4 thoughts on “Surprised

  1. I’m sorry about your situation. Empathy seems so hard for some people to grasp. It’s like instinct, they have it or they don’t. I don’t believe that, but it does seem that way sometimes.

    On another note, your title made me think of that moment in Knotting Hill when Alec Baldwin shows up and says, “Good surprise or bad surprise?”

    Here’s to hoping for your good surprise soon.

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  2. Your principal sounds like a thoughtful person, and while the “pep talks” and your blog helps further the message you want to support, remember that you and the school are only part of the influence. Hopefully, you will touch and already have touched many and changed feelings and opinions. Home life is also the other influence. Don’t take responsibility for all. BUT, I hear you, and like all teachers, we do take those things on our shoulders. I hope you can shrug most off by tomorrow!

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