Open Eyes

I never thought that the last week would be the hardest for this 31 writing day challenge.  I feel like I am just trying to accomplish the challenge as a new slicer this year.  I am already thinking what I would do differently next year.  I am also wondering how much I will continue to write after this challenge.  I am always impressed with teachers who have a blog and post on a regular basis.  I don’t know if my husband would be thrilled.

You see, he has been reading my posts.  I am the kind of writer who likes someone to read their writing before it goes public.  I know that my husband is convenient, but he has always read what I have written and he has a way with words.  This challenge has made him think about his days and he wonders what he would write.

Actually, this challenge has been a beautiful gift for us.  We are approaching 25 years of marriage in just nine days.  We have known each other for half of our lives.  This challenge has helped us both stop and think about our days beyond the responsibilities of our work. It has made us both stop and look around, to see things with new eyes.

He is the one who says, “Look, look out the window, you could write about that…”


Yes, I could write about the light.  How the light changes everything and brings out the beauty around us.  Or I could write about the other light and how my husband is my light, who lights up my days when they are dark or lights up my heart when he walks in the door.



4 thoughts on “Open Eyes

  1. I love that a) you share your writing with your husband and b) your writing inspired your husband to see and think differently about his day and c) you are doing this looking-at-the-world-more-thoughtfully together. Gotta say, I’m definitely envious. My husband has read nary a sentence of mine in the 6 years I’ve been writing. We’ve only been married for 13 years so, maybe in 10-12 more years I will have a post like yours? My fingers are crossed that I will.

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  2. After this month maybe you could both write and take turns? It sounds like this has been kind of a collaboration. This is a slice of love today. Happy Anniversary to you both, a very special one. I wrote today about variations of a word, just as you did with “light”. Beautiful thoughts!


  3. Finish the month — however you can. A post a day for a month is a challenge of endurance. Completion counts. So does the experience — participation — with or without completion. Continue blogging modestly with SoL Tuesdays. More when something burns to be written.

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