What to Write?

What to write?

Write about the 7.4 mile trail run I did this morning with a friend and then how difficult it was to read my book, All the Light We Cannot See, not because it is not a wonderful book, but because I was exhausted from running that far.  I realize I need to up my mileage.  My 4 mile runs are not cutting it.

Write about the most amazing slice of left over pizza from the other night that I ate after my 7.4 mile run.  It is called the Stash, handcrafted goodness.  Who would ever think that figs, truffle oil, gorgonzola, and prosciutto with olive oil could taste so good.  I devoured a slice while standing in the kitchen with one hand on the refrigerator door.

Write about how I am only two days away from school starting up again after Spring Break and I spent the better part of the day planning with my teaching partner.

Or write about what I just saw outside my window.  The weather changing, the sun setting, the wind whirling, the sky turning dark grey and then, as if suspended in midair, a rainbow.  Not a rainbow that curves across the sky, but a rainbow that hangs like a wind chime in the air.





One thought on “What to Write?

  1. I loved that you wrote about all four things. Congrats on the running. You’re evaluating yourself, and deciding how to make the changes. Someone else wrote about figs on one post, so seeing figs on the pizza doesn’t surprise me. It sounds delicious. Hope you’ve had a wonderful spring break, and planning ahead today must feel good. Finally, that picture is gorgeous. A satisfying end to the day!

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