What We Can Learn From Young Adult Novels

My brother-in-law’s family left today.  The house is quiet.  The dog is sleeping in her kennel (by choice, I think from decompressing from the excitement of three children for the last seven days) and I have started the laundry.  As I placed a load in, I decided to read the next book on my reading list.  It is a young adult novel given to me by my teaching partner titled, Someone Named Eva.  My teaching partner knows I love to read historical fiction novels.  Not knowing anything about this book, my world was opened up today.

I am only 30 pages from the ending so do not worry, I will not ruin it for those who have not read it.

This book is taking me awhile to read since I am stopping and Googling what I did not know.  Actually, I cannot believe I did not know these things about our history.  Thank goodness for young adult novels that bring to light a new perspective (thank you Joan M. Wolf).

I did not realize that children were taken from other countries to be brainwashed to become a part of the Aryan nation and given to German families.  I did not realize there was a concentration camp for women and that the majority of those woman were not Jewish.  This concentration camp was at Ravensbruck outside of Furstenberg (the place where the main character ends up, at least so far).

I cannot read these kinds of books without researching more.  A sad time in our history, but so important to know and understand so we do not repeat ourselves.  This is what I found so far:



Has anyone read this book?  I think this will be added to my stack next to my bed.



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