Hiking Surprises

As we headed towards the Colorado National Monument (wildlife area) that graces our backyard, my husband and I were talking about the two types of rattlesnakes in the area.  Our nephew was concerned about snakes.  We were letting him know that you never place your hand as you climb rocks without looking first.  The snakes will let you know they are there since they are not too fond of intruders and like to give warnings.

As we hiked up the wash, the tiny brown whiptail lizards were beginning to appear, scurrying from one rock to another.  The canyon walls rose to greet us as we started into the canyon.  We saw deer prints next to water holes.  As we continued into the canyon, my brother-in-law immediately stopped.  He pointed off to the right.  There, against the sandstone rocks, stood a Desert Bighorn.  He was eating the vegetation, not paying attention to us.  As we quietly walked closer, he paused and started to head toward us.  We froze in our tracks and my brother-in-law grabbed his son’s shirt and placed him behind a tree.

His eyes stared straight at us.  He looked intimating with his large horns and we quickly realized he didn’t want us to join him for dinner.  We carefully backed away.  We all knew that we were graced with this scene and wanted to respect his space (and dinner).

Slowly we turned and were giddy that we had a chance to be that close.  Desert Bighorn sheep are a rare sight, which we tried to explain to our nephew.  What a great way for him to end his trip in Colorado.



5 thoughts on “Hiking Surprises

  1. That’s amazing! How lucky you were to see this and how lucky am I to get to read about it! Thank you for sharing this slice and the picture of the Desert Bighorn!

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  2. Handsome dude. And so close. I’ve seen them (that I remember) in NM and Glacier National Park in WA (where they are a bone of contention for not being native to the area) — but never so close


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