Yikes, No iPhone?

As we headed back from the Arches, my nephew’s phone battery died and he didn’t know what to do so we played the alphabet game.  You have to find something outside the vehicle that begins with the letter and then you have to repeat everything that has been said before your turn.

Here is our list:

a – airport (right outside of Moab)

b – bush

c – car

d – desert

e – electric wires

f – fence

g – gate

h – hill

i – igneous rock

j – jagged peak

k – knife (food symbol on a sign)

l – lane

m – mountain

n – numbers

0 – off ramp

p – post

q – quail

r – railroad tracks

s – snow

t – table top mesa

u – Utah

v – valley

w – wash

x – xeric – flora

y – yellow stripe

z – zigzagging road


He was surprised how quickly time passed and all that he noticed beyond the screen of his phone.




2 thoughts on “Yikes, No iPhone?

  1. When out walking today, I saw several kids in the back seats of cars, obviously on their phones, and NOT looking out the window. I wondered if they will ever know how much they’re missing. I like that you’re sharing this. I played the alphabet game with students in Spanish in Costa Rica-that was a challenge!

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  2. The pictures in this series have been a real treat — I should share some on my Colorado page — but the alphabet game is the best part of the post for the memories it brings back. My father was a seismologist with a petroleum exploration company. We moved a lot — by the time I was 10, I had been in 47 of the lower 48 states — all there were at the time. Playing the alphabet game was part of “on the road” time. Too bad the Burma shave sign are gone.


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