Floridians Sledding

For spring break, my brother-in-law’s family is visiting Colorado for the first time.  After borrowing snow pants, we headed up the local mountain to a sledding hill.  The temperature in the valley was shorts weather, but we loaded backpacks with hats, gloves, jackets and placed snow boots in the back of the rented Ford Expedition.

Forty minutes later, we arrived.  There were only a few cars in the parking lot so we had the hills to ourselves.  As we jumped out of the car in excitement, my husband and I were at the ready to video and photograph these first events.  Excitement filled the air.  After adding the extra layers, grabbing the sleds we borrowed from a friend, we started to trudge up the hills.

Laughter, smiles, building snow structures, flying snowballs, and trying to avoid aspen trees!!





6 thoughts on “Floridians Sledding

  1. Wonderful pictures — and there’s something special about vicarious experiencing the thrill of the first timer. Of course, the Eastern plains look nothing like that, especially. Shirt sleeve weather here now too.

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  2. I’m from Denver, and my grown kids & family have been skiing there this week, amazingly warm, but lots of snow! So glad you had a great time! Love the pictures!


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