Is it really the time change?

I struggle to come up with an idea today.  I can tell that daylight saving time just happened because this week I have felt extra tired at the end of each day.

Or maybe it is because I have been…

completing report cards which go home tomorrow,

doing laundry late at night,

weeding and cleaning because my brother-in-law and his family are staying with us for the next seven days,

dealing with excited children because we are two days away from Spring Break.

Or could it be the time change?


new-slicer-badge.jpg     29587379622_66223c82d9_o.jpg


2 thoughts on “Is it really the time change?

  1. My daughter and I agree that DST is terrible, and makes for a tough week. It sounds like you’re having a whole lot of other things that add to the trouble, too. Two days to spring break! Then enjoy your company!

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