This writing idea was shared with me by my colleague, Jenna.  She learned it from Fran.  You just list what you are currently doing.


listening to relaxing piano music while our SOL writers arrive

watching the SOL writers grab their writer’s notebooks and begin writing

being asked how to spell bananas

listening to a writer tell me her lead to her SOL, “I pushed open the doors and zoomed in.”

being asked to fill out a SIGS on a student for giftedness by the GT teacher

hearing the hum of writers sharing their ideas and reading snippets from their notebooks

trying to focus on the moment, but my mind is wondering

wondering about my husband since he was in a car accident this morning

thankful that cars can be replaced because husbands cannot

sending love to a bummed husband who was rear-ended and waiting for his car to be moved out of the road

happy that everyone is safe.


29587379622_66223c82d9_o       new-slicer-badge



4 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I like this. I think it is important for writers to be mindful of all the things going on at once …. wandering mind, sounds, sights, etc.


  2. I love this writing idea. I’d like to film just a minute or two of being the teacher in my class, watch it again in slow motion and then be able to write down each second of ‘currently’. It would fill pages.

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  3. I suspect that is my own tendency even when I start with a different structure in mind ~ writing as discovery. Not orderly and rambling? Well that’s what revision is for. Anyway this is another useful form. I’m collecting them — overall, I like the ones in SoL posts better than the ones I find in more formal writing resources on genres or forms, This one goes in the collection.


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