Flying Saucers

How do you keep a straight face when your neighbor walks down your driveway and proceeds to tell you that the neighbor next door saw a flying saucer the other morning?

Pat described…

You know that our neighbor, Jane, hasn’t been sleeping at night and so she has been getting up and making herself some tea to sit outside on the balcony.  

[Her balcony is on the front of her house and faces our front yard. We live in a cul-de-sac that butts up to the local national forest so there are no cars and there are no street lights.  It is dark, very dark.]

Pat continued to tell me…

As Jane was enjoying her tea, cupped in her hands, she spotted a saucer that was zooming all around the cul-de-sac.  Zigzagging.  Blue lights flashing.  

Pat stretched out her arms to demonstrate the size of the saucer…

Jane gripped her cup even harder and contemplated what to do.  She thought about calling the police but knew they would not believe her.  She thought about waking up her husband but knew he would not believe her, so she sat..motionless, watching the blue blinking lights hover just above the ground.

Then from out the of darkness, she heard Will [my husband] yell, “Dixie!  Dixie come!”

The blue blinking lights came tearing across the two yards and into your house.  Jane started laughing and continued to laugh all day long.  I felt you needed to hear that story.

As she ended, I too was laughing.  Laughing because I knew right away what the saucer was when she mentioned Will, and also laughing from relief that she didn’t really see a flying saucer.




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One thought on “Flying Saucers

  1. Oh my, my family used to live right on a park, and we often wondered what would happen if our neighbors came to us to tell that they’d seen a saucer land there in the night. Your early part caught me so by surprise. (It never happened to us.) I’m very glad it ended the way it did, and this is a story that could be a wonderful picture book!

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