It’s Only Monday?

Mondays are always a little tough, being the beginning of the week.  But oh, this Monday…


4:30am, my body jerks wide awake, realizing I forgot to do something that I told my students I would do.

Jumping out of bed, I hurry to complete it before my 5:35am run.

5:30am, leaving for the trailhead, my friend texts me that she is going to be late. Beginning to feel the pressure build as my to-do list grows.

20 minutes into the run, my friend abruptly stops, turns her headlamp towards our dogs. Screams. My immediate reaction is to run in the opposite direction yelling for my dog.

A nasty smell fills the air. Skunked!

Smelly run back to the car followed by an unplanned dog bath.

Oh the joys of a Monday.


new-slicer-badge.jpg         29587379622_66223c82d9_o.jpg


5 thoughts on “It’s Only Monday?

  1. Oh no! Sounds like you definitely need a redo! My dog was skunked three times in my own backyard last year (and I don’t even leave him out for 5 minutes!). Now I always have skunk bath on hand and he has to wait until I check the area with a flashlight. I give you kudos, though, you did more before school than I usually do all week when school is in session. Hopefully tomorrow will be less exciting!


  2. Agh!!! I thought my Monday was tough! I’m so sorry that happened to you and your dog…(but super impressed you get up so early for a run!). I love that you turned a stressful moment into a Slice! Great job! I enjoyed reading!

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