This morning was a cloudy day, perfect for weeding.  Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, but having xeriscape does not mean easy.  Actually, I think you see those green little pesky weeds more against the red gravel.  What I would like to do is to dump more gravel on top, but I know that those weeds will find their way to the surface.  I think the weed barrier has deteriorated over the years, but that just means more work and weeding now seems like the simpler method.

I put on the my blue gloves, grabbed my pail, and weeding tool (I am sure there is a specific name for my tool).  I started where my eyes spotted lots of green patches.   As I moved around the rock sculpture (a cairn of rocks), I noticed a grey spot.  As I looked closer, my eyes saw white bones sticking out.  At first I thought it was coyote scat, but realized that the bones would not be whole.  I picked it up, looked closer.  Took a photo and sent it to my friend and biologist extraordinaire.


A few minutes later, she informed me it was an owl pellet.  Oh the treasurers we are granted from weeding.  I could picture the owl sitting on the rock cairn, coughing up the pellet and flying off in the middle of the night.

Now I am cooking the owl pellet so the learners can investigate it in class tomorrow.

new-slicer-badge.jpg         29587379622_66223c82d9_o.jpg


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