Friends for a Lifetime

Some friends you don’t need to talk to every day or even see for years because you know that when your paths cross again, it will be like old times. That one friend is turning 49 today. We have known each other for 41 years and that brought a flood of silly childhood memories. Here are just a few:

  • A tennis lesson that involved my friend’s racquet flying through the air and the ball hitting my face.
  • A choreographed baton twirling performance in the backyard for our families.
  • Two-a-day summer swim practices that involved bike riding from the indoor pool to the outdoor pool.
  • Many summer swim meets that involved long waits under canopies, red index fingers because of our cherry Jell-O snacks, and card games.
  • Playing P-I-G or H-O-R-S-E and Around the World in our driveways.
  • Recording our own radio commercials on a tape recorder.
  • Eating Hostess Ding Dongs at her house (there were no sugar treats at my house).
  • Playing our duets for our recital and trying not to laugh.
  • Sporting the same Dorothy Hamilton haircut and blue jeans, then telling everyone we were sisters.

My aunt was the first to tell me this quote:


Missy is definitely a friend for a lifetime.



9 thoughts on “Friends for a Lifetime

  1. I love your childhood memories and the poem at the end. Question…on the main page of your blog, where was the third picture taken? I think I’ve been there on my Canyons trip but can’t remember which one that is. 🙂


  2. It’s a sweet post about your friend. You are lucky to have her. I’ve been friends with one person since seventh grade. We are both now in our seventies, and still giggle when we get together. I’m sorry we aren’t in the same state, but still keep in touch.

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