My Husband Would Be Proud

Third quarter ended yesterday so that means… today is a workday.  It also means… report cards.  My husband says I’m the best procrastinator.  I wonder why…

It was 8 o’clock when I walked into my room today.  I had a to-do list in my head. First on my to-do list was report cards.  As I turned on the lights, I scanned the room.  My table had many piles from yesterday, I knew my planner was somewhere  under that mess.

I went to the cupboard that housed the tub of bubble gum, definitely will be needing that today.  And that led to cleaning out that cupboard, which obviously led to the next one… and the next one… and the next one…

As I finished reorganizing the last cupboard (there were six total), I noticed the counter needed to be cleaned.  I proceeded to get the wet-wipes (which I found when cleaning out the cupboards).  I wiped down the counters, which led to rearranging what was on the counters, and that led to cleaning all surfaces in the classroom.

Which led to noticing that some of our classroom library books were not in their correct bins.  Twenty minutes later, classroom library was ready to go.

Glancing towards the math manipulatives,  I thought, hmmm…might as well double-check that area. Another twenty minutes later, done.

Now, I could conquer my table.  An hour later, all piles were filed away and my planner was found.

It was 12 o’clock.  I guess I will start on my to-do list.  Report cards.

My husband would be proud.






8 thoughts on “My Husband Would Be Proud

  1. Sounds like you did get a lot done – just maybe not what you planned. I usually end up having conversations with other teachers all morning! Hope you finally finished those report cards!

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  2. Oh I love this slice! I experience the same when I walk in to an empty classroom to work. However, once it is all clean, I work so much better! Hope you got your to do list done!

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  3. You really did manage to accomplish a lot, just not that one thing! You should be proud, too! Hope the report cards aren’t due till Monday! Have a good weekend!

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  4. This so resonates — and all the comments too. When faced with that “should get to now” task, I get lot of research and curation done, online resources tagged and sent to bookmarks and feed reader, and so on


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