Dixie Dog


Love those eyes

That follow our every move

When chow time draws near.

Love those eyes

That stare down your ball

Waiting for it to move, or

For someone to pick it up.

Love those eyes

That peer out the window

Looking for rabbits.

Love those eyes

That say,

Are you done typing that

Slice of Life yet?


Love those eyes.


To think we even contemplated getting another dog after the loss of our first ones.


new-slicer-badge        29587379622_66223c82d9_o


5 thoughts on “Dixie Dog

  1. That look is perfect! We know ours needs to go out when she just sits right in front of us, staring. Sometimes she’ll even crawl into our laps to put her face even closer to ours. I love how much you were able to capture in a short poem – you could do one about her ears, or her tail.

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