Early Morning Surprises

It seemed like I just put my head down before my alarm went off today.  I set it for 5am so I would be able to go for a run.  It had been a week since I last exercised because I caught the crud that was going around school.  I told myself that I needed to get back into the routine, but that was before seeing snow on the ground and hearing the wind hollowing.

I laid in bed a little longer, contemplating all the reasons why I should roll over and catch a few more minutes of sleep.  Then my subconscious took over, “Shawn, you have to get up, it will be good for you, you will feel better after you do it, you can go over your plan for the day while you run.”  I slowly rolled out of bed and got dressed.

After I laced up my running shoes, I grabbed my headlamp and placed it over my running hat.  When I opened the garage door, a blast of cold air hit me and I wondered… maybe I should go back in, drink some coffee, and head to work extra early.

I pressed on.  I started to run immediately down the driveway.  I could see white flakes reflecting in the light and realized that the wind was at my back.  Coming home will be fun, I thought to myself.

As I ran down the road my light caught a garbage can tipped over with trash bags strewn on the road and the recycling bin knocked over.  The wind advisory warning, that was on my phone, popped into my mind.

You see, our waste management system wants all trash and recycling out by 6am and so many people put their trash out in the evening (ignoring the weather advisory).

Five running steps passed the mess, I thought…why wouldn’t I pick it up?  It wasn’t like I was keeping track of my pace or mileage for that matter.

I turned around, gathered the trash bags, set the grey garbage can back up, dumped in the bags, and repositioned the recycling bin while picking up the few plastic bottles that rolled out.

Even though this scene would repeat itself several times during the rest of my run, it actually made the wind feel less strong and the air less cold.  Sometimes, more than half the battle is just getting out of bed.




4 thoughts on “Early Morning Surprises

  1. You captured my internal thoughts every morning.

    This piece use simple sentences perfectly to accentuate an idea or emotion – especially “I pressed on.”

    Amazing last sentence. So true.

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  2. I’m so jealous of your ability to run. I’m far from disabled, but running isn’t something my knees let me do anymore. I loved running in the cold. I rarely ran more than a few miles, but the solitude and time to think was wonderful. Thanks for your slice!

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  3. Not only the exercise of the body but maybe the spirit of kindness, too? No one may know that you righted their blown over barrels, but you know, a great start to the day!

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  4. Pressing on — yes, that is how I feel about my daily walking and keeping at through wind and cold. Not running though. Besides knees, age and breathing problems keep me at walk, sometimes with a staff or even a folding camp stool slung over my shoulder. Come wind and winter, walks are shorter but I try for more of them. Pressing on at my own pace.

    Nice, picking up blown trash and setting bins back up. I wonder if anyone noticed later that a Brownie was out and about.


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