It’s Only Been Three Days?

As the evening light begins to disappear over the Western Slopes of Colorado, it’s my time to pause and reflect on my week.  There are many things that come to my mind, but since this is my first SOL experience it’s hard not to think about what I have signed up to do for the next 28 days!


I would have to say that I do see writing ideas all around me.  Now, I just need to quickly record those ideas in my Writer’s Notebook before they flit away.

I enjoy reading other people’s slices, which not only gives me ideas for writing, but also windows into other people’s daily lives and hearts.  I am inspired by the writing moves people craft and the honesty from which they write.

I have forgotten what it was like to be a part of a writing community, that didn’t include 7, 8, and 9 year olds.

I love the Classroom Slice of Life that starts my day.   The classroom door is open at 8am and our learners are arriving early to just write with others in their special SOL Writer’s Notebook.  Soft music is playing in the background, writers are spread out across the room – some on the floor, others against walls with pillows, and others at tables.  Everyone is excited to have their completed slice photographed, so it can be posted on the classroom blog.  Everyone is excited to read snippets to nearby writing friends.

I can’t say that I am not exhausted, but the exhaustion is well worth the struggle.  And it has only been the first three days!




11 thoughts on “It’s Only Been Three Days?

  1. 3 for 3 that is excellent plus the classroom slicing! This is my sixth year. I view it as a personal writing challenge. Glad the ideas are abundant. It will move more quickly than you think.


  2. I love how your gorgeous photograph mirrors your opening statement.
    I, too, am a first time slicer. It’s gratifying to be amongst a community of writers. I’m inspired by reading others slices.

    Happy writing!

    PS you have one handsome dog : )


  3. I love the idea of taking a picture to put it on the blog. I’m always messing with uploading and forget the most simple ways are sometimes the best. Thank you for the inspiration.


  4. I really enjoyed hearing this, and especially about your class in the morning doing their writing. Yes, the challenge can seem daunting, but getting into the habit (groove) makes it easier I think. You just keep plodding along and finally, you realize, oh, that was fun. I’m glad I wrote about that.


  5. I’m delighted you and your students have chosen to join us for this Challenge. This month will be hectic, but I promise you, it will change who you are as a person, writer, and teacher.


  6. I can identify with the feeling — one day at time, one step in front of the other. In my case, it’s pushing back against procrastination, distraction, other demands on my time. Your comment “I have forgotten what it was like to be a part of a writing community, that didn’t include 7, 8, and 9 year olds” reminded me that the same could be said for some academic colleagues and even writing groups.


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