Hmmm…Why the Titles of Our Posts?

How are you an Ultimate Awakener?

When I was getting ready for the SOL challenge (and yes it is my first), I knew that people needed to create a blog, which obviously I had not done before.  I have followed many bloggers, but now I was looking with a different lens.  As I perused other bloggers’ pages, I started to wonder…why that title? Was there a story behind the title?  Or was it just something quick, to get it done?

As I sat at my kitchen table, I stared at the WordPress title page.  My eyes started to look around at all the other things I should be doing…emptying the dishwasher…getting the laundry out of the dryer…picking up the dog yard…looking at student writing…and then… I glanced down and noticed the bracelet I was wearing.


Needless to say, it has become my favorite bracelet to wear.  Only because it is a good reminder of not losing sight of who we really are and what our occupation really calls us to do.  A parent gave it to me this January along with the quote from Robert Frost, “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”

It was right before my eyes – my title.

We are AWAKENERS!  We awaken in ways that are not measured on tests.  Sometimes, we awaken others years down the road and might never know.

I never liked the title teacher.  I think it is because of all the phrases I heard over the years like:  “I teach because of June, July and August.”  Or “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”

The list is endless I know.

I do believe that words matter.

So I am asking you, how are you an Ultimate Awakener?

I know we are Ultimate Awakeners because…

  • we challenge kids to think for themselves.
  • we model compassion by fixing scraped knees and giving hugs after rough days.
  • we read books that open the learners’ eyes to the world around them because we know how important it is to grow compassionate human beings.
  • we believe that we cultivate the most important seeds, our children.
  • we believe in our students’ when they don’t believe in themselves.

Please add to the list, because I know we are not teachers, but Awakeners.





6 thoughts on “Hmmm…Why the Titles of Our Posts?

  1. I like your phrase, indeed we are awakeners. We awaken learners to the natural world just outside the classroom. Birds, insects, plants, clouds, mammals, or amphibians and reptiles can awaken curiosity to discover what is living around the schoolyard.

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  2. Great to hear the ‘why” of your title. Yes, I believe teachers are awakeners. I would add that they are also listeners. Love your list, too.


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